Eyelash Extensions

Individual lash extensions in silk or synthetic mink are applied to your natural lashes in a Classic or Volume technique. 

Classic Lash Extensions


This set provides a longer, curlier, and thicker lash look with one lash extension per natural lash, up to 80-100 lashes per eye. Our classic lashes are lightweight, soft and flexible. No stiff, spider-leg extensions here! Bonus: our flat lashes (aka ellipse) are available at no extra charge!

Hybrid lash Extensions


This is a Half Volume and Half Classic technique.  This set combines 2-5d handmade volume fans with classic lash extensions for clients who want more fullness, a darker lash line, and longer retention.

Volume Lash Extensions


The Volume technique creates handmade 2d-5d volume fans based on the client’s desired look and natural lash health. Volume lash artist, Gina, is 3x certified in Volume lashes from different trainers across the world. She offers what she likes to call, “the lash difference,” a technique, experience, and business model that separates the Lash Out bar from the rest, and has helped satisfy clients, build a large clientele, and retain loyal and avid Lash Out bar fanatics.

Classic Lash Extensions with JR Lash artists


This set provides longer, curlier, and a thicker lash look with one lash extension per natural lash, up to 80 lashes per eye. Junior lash artists are personally trained by owner and Expert Lash Artist, Gina. Gina strongly believes in the saying, “All great things take time.” Her training focuses on quality over speed, so JR lash artists offer the same meticulous service and experience, they just take a little more time ;). JR lash artists have less than one year experience.

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